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Success Stories – Eric

Free to Create, Free to Live

A Mother’s Perspective

Eric was born in December of 1959 with Down syndrome. He is non-verbal and bright – and it isn’t just his red hair and red suspenders!

Eric is happiest when he is helping someone or creating something. He has done some nice woodcarvings, and every year he does his own Christmas cards to send to friends. In the kitchen, he reigns supreme with his chocolate chip cookies made from scratch. Yum!

When Eric turned 50, he could not handle his father’s declining health and wanted his own “place”. In 2010, he moved into a Reece Endeavor duplex, which he adores. Eric is very proud of his home. A personal care assistant comes in for several hours in the afternoon when Eric returns from his job at the Arnold Center. They shop, go bowling and fix dinner together. After that, Eric is on his own. He spends weekends visiting family.

Eric likes being independent. He has the opportunity to interact with his friends more, and that makes him happy.

For me, Eric having his own place during the week gave me more time to devote to caring for my husband. Now that he has passed I hope to be able to visit family and friends living away from Midland.

Eric now has a fuller, more complete life living on his own. It does give me a more secure feeling knowing he is happy and can have his own place, as I will not always be around. I am very grateful to Reece Endeavor.

Eric’s mom