Stutelberg Award Process

The Michael W. Stutelberg Award is given to an individual or organization that makes a significant impact on the Reece Endeavor.

Evaluation Process

Suggestions for potential candidates are always welcome - they can be submitted to the Public Relations Committee at Reece Endeavor.  After review by the Public Relations Committee, the award recipient must be approved by the Reece Endeavor of Midland Board of Directors.


Award winners receive a momento at the Reece Endeavor annual meeting.  Their names receive a permanent place on the Michael W. Stutelberg Award Plaque in the Reece Endeavor office.


Michael W. Stutelberg

Award Winners

These individuals and organizations have made a difference - their contirbutions have notably impacted Reece Endeavor and the individuals we serve.

2010 -
Susan G. Campbell

2009 -

Midland Daily News

2008 -
James Burlingame

2006 -
Donal Hammond

2005 -
Mary Fischer

2004 -
The Arc of Midland Membership

2003 -
The Pete Kendall Golf Outing Committee:
Jerry Beery, Alison Goethe, Ed Husser, Chuck Kendall, Jon Lauderbach, Paul Milholland

2002 -
Frank and Cheryl Saunders

2001 -
Karen Langeland

2000 -
Art LeTourneau

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